We are

Runge Pharma

Wir sind
Runge Pharma

A family business and leading specialist providing international medicines

Ein Familienunternehmen und führender Spezialist für die Besorgung von internationalen Arzneimitteln

We stand for competence

We stand for competence, reliability and customer-oriented thinking. Our customers are always in the center of our actions.

  • Our approach is customer-oriented. We don’t have minimum order volumes, and we are flexible and uncomplicated
  • We stand out thanks to excellent product knowledge and a high level of professional competence.
  • Our many pharmacists as well as pharmaceutically-trained staff ensure high quality standards, which are always being further developed.
  • Our distinctively customer-oriented quality approach makes us stand out from our competition.
  • We stand for exceptional consulting services, especially in matters relating to the import of medicine, customs regulations and pharmaceutical logistics.
  • Our unique international network of pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers gives us flexibility and options.
  • We comply with GDP and relevant GMP/GCP standards and are certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Here for you

Für Sie im Einsatz

Our team is professional, dedicated and always motivated to meet your needs quickly and reliably!

Trust is of central importance

As a preferred service provider in the import and export of medications, we overcome boundaries for our customers. We are aware of the responsibility we carry as a service provider in the healthcare industry.


We overcome boundaries

We import and export medicines that are temporarily or permanently unavailable in the destination country. We have the pharmaceutical, customs and logistics expertise to complete the process for our customers quickly and reliably.


We are fair

As a family-run business, we feel we have a duty to all of our customers and their patients. We do anything we can to get medicines to where they are needed. We take our responsibility seriously.


We take responsibility

As a service provider in the healthcare sector, we feel we have a duty to primarily orient all our actions towards easing suffering. This is our responsibility, and we accept it.

Our services

Import, export, reference products

We provide healthcare providers worldwide with medicines, samples and reference drugs as well as products commonly found in pharmacies, always taking into account the relevant approval and import regulations.

We stand for competence

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00800 / 30 31 32 33

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00800 / 30 31 32 34

00800 / 30 31 32 33

*Call us free of charge from Switzerland and Germany